Pure Craftsmanship in Stone

Additional Inscriptions

The wording for an additional inscription on an existing memorial is relatively easy to decide upon. The general rule is that you follow the format of the original inscription and replace the detail (name, dates, age) with the person that you are commemorating.

If we have already removed the memorial to allow interment to take place; we will send you a suggested inscription together with a breakdown of costs and a permit application form for your signature; allowing us to perform the work in the cemetery/churchyard – simple.

If we have not had dealings with you up until now, simply contact us and we will sort everything for you.

Please contact us for more information: 01952 502975

Memorial Restoration

If there is an old family memorial in a churchyard or cemetery* that is in need of some tender loving care, and needs restoring to its former glory (or, as close as we can get it) please contact us with the details listed below, so that we can provide you with a report together with the associated costs involved.

*You will need to be the ‘Registered Grave Owner’ to give us permission to proceed.

We will always need to obtain permission from the church or cemetery to carry out the work, but we take care of this side of things for you – all included in the cost.

Please tell us:

  • Where the memorial is (name of churchyard/cemetery)
  • The grave number and section (if known) – or just a helpful indicator of where we can find it – eg; ‘halfway down the path on your right’
  • The name/s and date/s on the memorial

StoneGuard Insurance

For complete peace of mind we are pleased to offer StoneGuard Insurance, a leader in this specialist area of cover. The memorial must be situated within the United Kingdom.

You can insure your memorial against:

  • Subsidence
  • Vandalism
  • Theft/attempted theft
  • Impact damage
  • Storm damage

Not covered, are:

  • Depreciation
  • Wear and tear
  • Action of light/atmospheric conditions
  • Process of cleaning, repair, restoration and re-siting (other than such costs involved following insured damage)
  • Terrorism, nuclear, or risks of war

Please contact us for more information: 01952 502975

Grave Tending

For your complete peace of mind, we provide a grave tending service throughout Shropshire* - thus giving you an assurance that your family grave and memorial are kept maintained and in good order.

We will provide you with a digital photograph of the work completed, which links you with your loved ones, wherever you are.

The grave tending service we offer works very closely with our memorial masonry team to ensure that each memorial is inspected so that, over the years, any damage or remedial work is identified and reported to you.

We can tend the grave on an annual date stipulated by you, or on a more regular basis – see our ‘Grave Tending Plans’ tab, for details.

* If your family grave lies outside the County of Shropshire, please contact us and we will do our best to look after your needs.

Grave Tending Plans

Bronze Service….. £ 39.oo

At a single grave tending visit we will:

  • Lightly clean (Soap & Water) the memorial.
  • Clean all memorial vases.
  • Remove all dead flowers, plants & leaf litter.
  • Trim & edge grass.
  • Lightly prune bushes or shrubs.
  • Provide a before & after Digital photograph and report upon the condition of the memorial by request

Silver Service…..    £ 125.oo

  • As above with the following additions.
  • Four visits per year.
  • One visit of which will be in December.

Gold Service…..     £275.oo

  • As above with the following additions.
  • 12 visits per year.
  • Visits to include specified dates for Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.

Personalised packages can be arranged to meet any individual requirements, please ask for further details.  All prices are inclusive of VAT. Payment can be made by cheque, Debit/Credit card or direct debit.

Please contact us for more information: 01952 502975


- Testimonials -

Dear David and staff, We as a family would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the care and attention to detail you have shown to us. We have been extremely impressed and has made a difficult time much easier. The care and compassion has been exemplary and for that we are extremely grateful.